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Torquere 8th Anniversary!

The Eight Ball will help celebrate our eighth anniversary here at Torquere Press! Join us for the celebration!

We're having a reader scavenger hunt with weekly gift basket prizes and a grand prize (this year, a brand-new 3G Kindle along with a CD of stories from each participating author), plus daily prizes of gift certificates to show our appreciation to you -- our readers! Check our blog, http://glbtromance.blogspot.com/ where we'll have a number of our authors visiting the whole month. We'll post excerpts, hang out to chat, and talk about our stories.

In addition to the grand prize of the Kindle, we're giving away gift baskets every week! Some are silly, some are smutty, and all are fun. The themed ones are: m/m, ménage, BDSM, and lesbian plus our authors have chipped in with extra goodies.

Here's how to play. Visit our contest page, http://www.torquerebooks.com/contest/contactmain.html, and start scavenging for the Eight Ball answers. Visit the author pages and find the graphic somewhere on their site. An online form is set up, and we'll randomly choose a winner for the Kindle from all of the correct entries. Plus, every day, readers will have the chance to win a Torquere gift certificate and a gift basket.

Help us celebrate our eighth anniversary and ask the Eight Ball your question… Like, will I win a prize from Torquere Press?

Thanks, and have fun playing.

Love's Price excerpt

In lieu of the two torquere_social days that I missed (one was the day that Russians hacked LJ or whatever), here's an author extra for Love's Price, my menage story out last month. It's a wee bit of prequel fic, because who doesn't like Viking sex? :)

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New release: Love's Price

What's better than Vikings? Three Vikings for the price of two! My BBA menage story, Love's Price came out a few days ago, while I was distracted by in-laws.

Thora, Jonakr and Dag didn't live an idyllic life in Iceland, but they did live and love together in peace for the past five years. While Jonakr sailed off to raid, Dag would remain with Thora on the family lands to ensure that Jonakr had a family to return to. They always thought that Jonakr's being viking would drive them apart, if he died in the raiding season. They never expected him to be kidnapped by one of their neighbors and held for ransom. As Jonakr lies in captivity a mere day's ride away, Thora and Dag must band together to save the man they love, but at what price?

This is what happens when Kara goes to Iceland and Norway and visits Leif Erikson's childhood home, and sees real Viking ships. This was way too much fun to write. Waaaaaay too much fun. :)

Five Spice: Yin and Yang

I wrote something! And it came out! Can you believe it?

Five Spice: Yin and Yang, available here

Six months after "At the Sign of the Ancestors," Drew and Kit have settled into their relationship. Though Drew doesn't quite share Kit's love of Muay Thai, he's come to accept it and its role in his boyfriend's life. But when an accident at the gym forces Kit to take temporary leave, Drew realizes that he has to come up with something else to fill the void in Kit's life. So they decide to try out a new martial art together: karate. Neither of them anticipated how competition might drive a wedge between them, or how the attention of another black belt might make Kit react -- with jealousy.

*blinks* I'm alive?

Hi, remember me? It turns out that I still write! Would you believe it? I have two stories coming out this summer, a novel in October, and a Holiday Single Shot, so I swear it won't be *cough* months between updates.

Needless to say, some personal dramaz went down and I'm in recovery mode. I'm officially halfway through my PhD and on target to finish in two more years. Whoo, dissertation time! And I survived the EPIC SNOWZ OMG of winter, all 127 inches of it.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

BTW, I'm driving the torquere_social bus today, if you wanna stop by and say hi!

Two more flashfics

For marasmine, who asked for:

leaf/ leaves
orange - colour or fruit

Are those trees real, Uncle?Collapse )

For writerliz, who asked for:
- hideous
- mask
- trick
- sweet

MasksCollapse )

Did I mention "Ambergris: All For Love" was out?

Anyway, LJ's doing some crackdown thing where they're deleting inactive accounts, so I thought I'd say 'hi' and 'I'm not dead yet,' though I am pining for the fjords, since the husband and I just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary with a trip to Iceland and Norway. And I'm working on stories for Halloween, Christmas, and a BBA antho. :)

New Spurs 'n Saddles out!

My sequel to "Home Station on the Prairie" has finally been released! Now you can read the further adventures of Jamie, Thad, and their little family they're building out on the prairie.

Thad had thought that he was saying goodbye to Jamie forever when he left eleven years before. Like the Pony Express, their relationship was supposed to die out quietly, gracefully. What he hadn't expected was how much Jamie Boyd and that little patch of Nebraska meant to him, and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life on that Pony Express station turned homestead.

Eleven years later, and Thad's happier than he's ever been, helping Jamie's cousin raise her five girls and making sure that Patchwork Ranch runs as smoothly as can be. But that all changes when Mattie Alden, the actual impetus that drove Jamie and Thad apart years ago, steps back into all their lives. With Mattie come complications, like men interested in both Jamie's family and the ranch itself. Thad's not the only one who has to make the journey of self discovery, but he's not sure they'll all survive the journey if they have to make it together.
Now available here!

Trick my treat!

It's fall, Halloween's almost here, and I have yet to buy a pumpkin. I bought a house instead. Does that count? ;)

Anyway, welcome to fall! There was that freak snowfall on Friday here in upstate NY, and today it's 57. We'll ignore the fact that it's in the 80s in California.

So, who wants to play today? Who wants to entertain me? Who wants treats for tricks? Tell me your best trick, and I'll write you a snippet of something smexy!
"Country Days," a look at Pai and Hemi from "The Nature of the Beast" ten years later, is now available as part of the Down Under Taste Test.

I join talented authors Laney Cairo and Kate Roman.

Ever wanted to travel to Australia or New Zealand? Now we all have a chance to go Down Under and see the wonders that part of the world has to offer! In Country Days by Kara Larson, Pai is plagued by cows in his garden. Lucky for him, his lover Hemi knows just what to do distract him, and get rid of the cows.

In At the Bach, by Kate Roman, Geoff has had it with the dating game, and when a friend invites him to a weekend at the beach, he decides that's just what he needs to get over his last attempt at love. When his last crush shows up, Geoff isn't sure if he's found heaven or hell. Finally, in Almost Paradise, by Laney Cairo, Lee has left Melbourne in search of a tiny paradise town, but what he finds might surprise him. Good thing Charlie knows how to help a guy out. Head Down Under today!